Guidelines to configure a Router for P2P Networking

In this blog you can see the guidelines to configure a Router for P2P Networking. Take a look and if you need any help or Support on Belkin Router then dial 1866-877-0191.

This guide will help the normal user figure out how to configure a Router for P2P networking.

Step 1: Find the proprietor’s manual for the Router. Discover the default IP address, user name, and password for the Router.

Step 2: Sort the IP address of the Router into a web browser window, and press the “Enter” key on the console or the “Go” Button in the program. Ordinarily, the address will be something like “"

Step 3: Enter the user name and the Password into the fitting boxes. Numerous Routers utilize “Administrator” as the default for both the Password and user name.

Step 4: Discover the segment in the Router’s arrangement interface named “Port Forwarding,” or something comparative. Every Router puts the setting in a somewhat extraordinary area. On a few Routers, it might be under the “Applications” area, on others, it might be under the “Gaming” segment. Counsel the Router manual for subtle elements.

Step 5: Embed the IP address of the PC with the P2P software into the field marked “IP Address.” The IP address for a windows machine can be found by tapping the “start” Button, choosing “Settings” and afterward “Control Panel.” From the Control Panel, select the “Configure Connections” symbol. Right tap on the symbol for the Ethernet card, frequently named “local” and select “Status.” Click on the “Support” tab, and file the IP address appeared.

Step 6: Sort the port number that will be opened into the “Port” segment. Counsel the guidelines for the P2P software to realize which port or ports should be opened.

Step 7: Select the networks administration convention that will be utilized by that port. This data can likewise be discovered in the guidelines for the P2P software.

Step 8: Save the progressions, and reboot the Router if required.


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